Friday, January 06, 2017



Some of the most rapidly developing tech trends right now are:

These fields are all closely related.

The reason behind the emergence of these areas is the continued progress of Moore's law - the doubling of computer power (and storage, and transmission speeds) every two or three years.  The power of computing has reached new thresholds that permit new applications. "Cloud" computing -- the use of remote, super-powerful computer hardware and software, together with rapid communication with the users over a network, is an important enabling technology.

At the moment, there are many job opportunities in these fields, mostly out west.  There is a serious need for more people to staff the development of these fields.  There also needs to be much better documentation and training of the advances.  The technology seems to be improving much faster than the documentation and training that will make it easy for more people and more companies to get up-to-speed, to use and continue to advance the technology.


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