Saturday, March 05, 2005



Robot Stories is a brilliantly written and directed, independently made feature film by Greg Pak. Having made several award winning and popular short films (
many available now on the web), this is his first feature.

Building on his experience with shorts, this feature consists of four short stories loosely tied together by their similar style and mood, their mixed Asian and American characters, and their robotic themes.

Pak's writing is subtle and sophisticated; his characters have rich complex lives, full of desires, problems, joys and heartbreaks; and his robots are mildly comical, yet believable, and with lives almost as rich as the humans'.

A graduate of Yale, and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, Pak is now running
FilmHelp, a site with advice and resources for independent filmmakers.

Continuing in a limited but successful theatrical run with film festivals and special screenings, Robot Stories deserves to be discovered now on DVD.

I am hoping to see more feature films written and directed by Greg Pak... and hoping to see them make it all the way to my local theater.

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