Thursday, March 24, 2005



I feel very badly about Terri Schiavo. I believe in life. I think death is terrible.

I am not a lawyer and I am not a doctor. Still, I see insects that seem capable of feeling pain, and try to avoid death, and I find it hard to believe that Terri is not still capable of suffering as she starves, no matter how badly her brain has been damaged.

I think the people who are trying to save Terri's life are doing the right thing -- parents and politicians both.

I do not like abortion, though it seems worse to make it illegal. Yet, I would like to see other alternatives made as attractive as possible to pregnant women who do not want a baby.

I find it difficult to identify any good reason why the same politicians (more or less) who are fighting so hard to prevent abortion and support Terri and her parents are the ones who support guns and favor the death penalty.

As we have seen again, so recently, in yet another school, easily available guns result in the deaths of innocent people. And many people, unable to defend themselves adequately in court, or even innocent, have been killed by legal execution through the death penalty. I should think that the right to life, and the belief in life should extend to every one, and apply to each of these issues.

My best wishes to Terri, and my condolences to her parents.

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