Thursday, February 10, 2005



Theatre Studio Inc (TSI) is a very remarkable place. It is a unique resource for writers, directors, and actors to develop new material. And it is a great place for an audience to preview and discover new talent.

They provide a theater and a program called PLAYTIME where (many, many, many) short plays, scenes from new plays (and classic plays) and other short works can be rehearsed and presented. To participate, you don't have to be famous; you don't have to be rich; you just have to have an interesting idea.

TSI has been running for 25 years. It was created by A M Raychel, who is the artistic director. And they are now having a BENEFIT PARTY on Feb 21 at their theater (750 8th Ave Suite 200 -- at 46th & 8th -- in Manhattan, NY NY). There will be refreshments, comedians, and some talks about their plans for the future.

TSI/PLAYTIME is a great program and it should be supported (as well as enjoyed).

... And for anyone developing a career in the theater, it is a resource and an opportunity that could be extremely valuable!

For more information about TSI/PLAYTIME, and the BENEFIT see their website, The Theatre-Studio, Inc.

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