Thursday, March 31, 2005



ABC's new drama, EYES, on Wed night following Alias and Lost, is pretty good. Tim Daly plays an attractive character, Harlan Judd (bad name -- it works for the Judd's not for him -- it's the weakest link in the show). He's a private eye (duh). And of course he's short of money, on the edge of the law, and has an office that looks like it cost a billion dollars.

There's intrigue, interpersonal dynamics, and a pretty good plot -- actually several interesting plots in the same show. One theft and one case of intimidation were wrapped up. One threat to the future of the firm (actually two to start with, but they turned out to be related) were forestalled. And one big issue (involving at least four characters) was left hanging. That's a nice mix for one night.

It hasn't got the imagination or action of Alias, nor the thrust of NYPD Blue, nor the hokey hook of Blind Justice. But it looks like it's got style and interesting stories. I'm rootin' for it.

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