Friday, April 01, 2005



I wanted to make some nice comments about
TAXI, because I enjoyed watching it, and I think it got some bad reviews when it came out. It was funny, spirited, good-humored. harmless, enjoyable.

The trouble is, when I tried to write about it, I could hardly remember a thing that happened: there were some good looking bad guys (actually three very good looking bad girls); one scene where the best looking, baddest girl feels up the heroine; and Queen Latifah. That's it -- just about all I remember. I saw the DVD only a couple days ago, and could not remember even how it ended until I started talking about it.

Queen Latifah, though, is a great presence. Not just here, but in a whole bunch of films. More about that later.

Bottom line: Taxi, forgettable, but fun!

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