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PC Forum, this year beginning on March 20, is an extremely interesting and important conference.

While QPORIT, this blog, is a collection of random PREVIEWS, PC Forum and the newsletter, Release 1.0, both created by Esther Dyson, are very systematic investigations of the most important developments in the business of high-tech, at the earliest stages.

The conference, PC Forum, brings together many of the most important executives running big companies, deserving entrepreneurs starting new companies, technology and business reporters from big newspapers and magazines, analysts from big investment companies, some other very clued-in people, and a few others.

On the idlewords blog, there is an impression of last year's conference by a first time visitor.

In the early 90's, at PC Forum, I talked with Bill Gates and Paul Allen, had dinner with a co-founder of AOL who sent me a draft of AOL's IPO prospectus, and heard several talks about how important the Internet was going to be, shortly before it hatched from its academic, non-commercial embryonic stage. That is the nature of PC Forum.

Speakers scheduled for this year's conference, starting this Sunday, include,

John Seely Brown, -- Visiting Scholar, USC Annenberg School for Communcation
Scott Charney -- VP, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft
Jeff Hawkins -- Chairman & Executive Director, Redwood Neuroscience Institute
Bruce Holmes -- Director, Strategic Partnerships, Planning and Management, NASA Langley Research Center
Kim Polese -- President & CEO, SpikeSource
Ann Livermore -- Executive VP, Technology Solutions Group, Hewlett-Packard, and
Jerry Yang -- Co-founder, Director & Chief Yahoo, Yahoo!

There are many more speakers, and many more people to meet -- in the past, around 500 or so of the most interesting people in the world, in the world of high-tech!

Extra note: The edventure web site (EDVENTURE is the parent company of PC FORUM and Release 1.0), in addition to information about PC Forum and abstracts from Release 1.0, contains an excellent calendar of other high tech events.

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