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Dana Carvey did a decent job of hosting. He had brief visits from old friends Mike Myers and Jon Lovitz; and not a bad appearance by Justin Bieber (as Justin Bieber) on The Church Lady sketch (but punches were pulled... not even close to Skins). I liked the look of the B&W start of Linkin Park's 2nd set, and the music 'til they started singing -- I've never liked the SNL mix of vocals.

Here's some more notes on the highlights (and the echh-y sketches).

In reverse order, from end to beginning of the show:

=>Wrap-up - Not a bad show tonight, not a great one either.

=>Wrap-up - Dana Carvey has two great looking kids.

=>Embrace Me...
by the fingerlings (??? - 4 fingers?) ... echh. Pointless. (YES. BAD AND ANNOYING IS BAD AND ANNOYING. So what. )

=>Promo for Celebrity Apprentice... that was a sketch, right?

=>Wurtz is a character with character. A winner, consoling losers.

=>Pageant -- Wiig's one word ... "Me!" was the funniest moment in the whole sketch. But the sketch has a real kick. Satire with an edge. Not funny, but edgy.

=>Live with Regis & Kelly ... Not so funny.

=>Bieber & SNL generating about 1000 tweets or more per half hour.

=>Weekend Update - Egypt Winners and Losers, James Franco & Disco Weather rocked on the mark.

=>THE ROOMMATE - Better than the real thing! NOT! Maybe scarier than the real thing in a different way?

=>Celebrity Crisis Center -- Great concept, limp writing, lousy impersonations, except for Eddie Murphy. That man's GOOD!

=>Church Lady. The voice is a little out of practice, but... Still funny, after all these years. Decades, actually.

=>Black Noise commercial. I'll buy it.

=>Monologue... ecch. I don't care for "I'm the best" monologues. This one was especially flat.

=>OMG! it's Wayne's World, back like were all back at 9 yrs old.


Here's the SNL web site -- It should keep up with the show. It seems kind of lazy, with a confusing design besides.

Here's the SNL Twitter site. It's also kind of lazy.

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