Wednesday, September 18, 2019


NYVR - Theme: ETHICS ... PANEL & DEMOS (with me)

NYVR - the New York Virtual Reality Meetup will feature a panel discussion on ETHICS IN EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES. on Thursday evening (9/19).

I (that's me, Eric Roffman) will be presenting an introduction to the panel discussion and later, in the demos, showing a trailer of my new VR video, PITCH #7 from PITCH for Pi DAY; and discussing the non-fiction, immersive project on immigration, WE CAME TO AMERICA. Both projects feature interaction between ethics and emerging technology.

PITCH #7 from PITCH for Pi DAY is a short, fictional, dramatic, 3D 360 VR video, with spatial audio -- dealing with a proposal for a super-hi-tech medical system -- shot with the VUZE camera.

Information details about the event are available at

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