Monday, February 19, 2018


PITCH For Pi-DAY - We're making a Virtual Reality Video!

We will be shooting a fictional, narrative Virtual Reality Video, “PITCH For Pi-DAY”, this weekend (2018, Feb 23-25), in NYC, with a dress rehearsal on Wednesday (2/21).

This is a 5 min (no-pay, non-union) VR video, shot with the VUZE & LucidCam, and also shot for standard video.

Synopsis: “PITCH for PI-DAY” -- An aggressive, ambitious entrepreneur pitches a high-tech, comprehensive healthcare solution to a venture capital investor at a Pitch Fest: Successful pitches may get $$$ and will be invited to pitch to a large audience of potential $$$$$$ investors on Pi-Day (3/14). But it's not an easy pitch!

Beyond this video, I am building a team for making fictional, documentary, and commercial XR videos.   (XR = VR + AR + MR with AI and interactivity & …) 

In addition to XR video production, I am also interested in developing software to support live XR streaming, as well as archived XR video discovery and hosting.

I have a fine cast! I could use (and would greatly appreciate!) help in any of the following areas for this weekend’s video (and beyond, as we build a team):

              Line producer / assistant director / equipment monitor
              Someone to run any sudden errands that may be needed
              Set designer / set dresser
              Assistant Videographer (we’re wrangling multiple cameras!)
              VR video editor (PP After Effects & Mettle)
              Standard video editor

                            Sound engineer / editor
                            Assistant producer for post-completion promotions

If you are in NY and would like to join the team for this weekend’s shoot, please e-mail me at

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