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INVITATION -- An Overview of eXtended Reality and a Drill Down on Cinematic XR

Please join us at...

The New York eXtended Reality Meetup

meetup on Wed Nov 15, 2017

An Overview of eXtended Reality 
and a drill down on cinematic XR

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NYXR - the New York eXtended Reality Meetup

This Meetup will feature...

An overview of e
Xtended Reality, which consists of

• display technologies like VR, AR, MR,
• sensing technologies like IoT and XR cameras,
• computing technologies like AI and Fog / ambient computing,
• hybrid technologies like robotics (including autonomous vehicles)
• and other advances spurred by exponentially increasing computational power
All these technologies are interrelated and interdependent, and this is all one field!

Then we will drill down on 
XR cameras, reviewing the (under $1,000!) prosumer VR cameras LucidCam and Vuzeand exploring what is an XR camera. We’ll concentrate on what exists; what is coming in the future; and why it is very important!

We will discuss XR storytelling, and show why experience in film and theater helps to create successful XR content, and how understanding XR will be critical for everyone in film and theater because of the disruption coming from unstoppable exponentially increasing computational power.



6:30-7:00 register & network
7:00-9:00 – Announcements, News, Talk, Q&A, and then networking.

The meetup will be filmed in VR; anyone in the audience should expect they may be on camera.

The meetup is designed to be useful: to provide news, resources, insights, and how-to’s valuable to active developers and content producers, those new to the field, and support providers such as investors.

NYXR needs help! We welcome volunteers to help organize our meetups; speakers; sponsors, for example those who can provide a venue for meetups as our size grows, and refreshments for hungry and thirsty members. Please, write to me through this Meetup.

If you have an announcement, contact us at -- there will be time for announcements at the start of the meetup.

We are looking for speakers in all the areas of XR. In particular, we would very much like speakers on AI (especially an overview of AI, with a drill-down to vision and speech processing, including “assistants”) for a meetup early in 2018

This meetup event will be presented by Eric Roffman, the organizer of the NYXR Meetup.

Eric is a "professional eclecticist" long interested in film, theater, science, technology and interactive computing. He has a PhD in mathematical physics; founded and edited The American Film Magazine; created an award winning multimedia computer game; backed the Rift Kickstarter; created demos on internet collaboration for IBM's Research and Internet Divisions; was director of internet programming for Viacom; created one of the very first computer generated videos to visualize solutions of differential equations, from work done at the Institute for Advanced Study; taught "Physics for Poets," and graduate level Mathematical Physics; and he has written, directed, produced and acted in dramatic adaptations of Shakespeare's sonnets. He has written over a thousand articles for QPORIT: Quick Previews Of Random Interesting Things, and has been creating 3D, 360, and VR videos, including actor, director and tech star interviews for years.

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Twitter: @qporit
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eXtended Reality (XR) is the convergence of interrelated new technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), AI, IoT, and more... that enable us to understand and interact with our world.
With experts, panels, and all the tools of XR, we will explore the news, the technologies, the products, the problems and the opportunities XR provides.
This meetup is for people, everyone from newcomers to pros, who wish to learn about, keep up with, and stay ahead of this rapidly developing, exceedingly important field. 
JOIN us at...

NYXR - the New York eXtended Reality Meetup

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