Monday, January 04, 2016



Recent VR news heading into CES...

1. Oculus Rift has just announced it will start accepting pre-orders on Jan 6

2. YouTube now accepts 3D and full spherical panoramas. They play as VR in Gear VR and Google Cardboard. And they can be viewed as ordinary YouTube videos.

3. Microsoft has opened a Hololens demo center at their flagship store on NY.

4. Gear VR, Convrge, and Altspace all have beta versions of Gear VR compatible social media chat rooms. Gear VR also has a beta web browser. Milk VR accepts 3D panoramic videos up to 25 GB.

5. Rumors and pre-beta announcements include: patents, hires and acquisitions that point at VR development at Amazon and, especially, Apple; new streaming 3D and panoramic cameras; and a distance sensor based on radio frequency waves. HTC is announcing they will announce improved technology at CES. There are dozens and dozens of VR related companies, products and events at CES.

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