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Microsoft has been "experimenting" with retail stores in a number of locations.  On Oct 26 they are officially opening a (5 story, 22K sq ft) flagship store in NYC. It's on 5th and 53rd (just blocks from the Apple Store).

I've been to the MS store in Paramus at the Garden State Plaza.  It's roomy, comfortable, and knowledgeably staffed.  It's lightly stocked (ie:  no "super gaming" towers; no books and manuals... ) with computers, gear, software, and xbox stuff.  They also have classes and other events. I've gotten excellent service and help; bought some computers there; had Windows 10 installed (free and easy) there; and they managed to recover data from an old (teenage:  XP!) PC that suddenly stopped booting just before I did my next backup and moved the data to a new Windows 10 machine. (Teenage jealousy temper tantrum?)

The large store in NYC has room to be a hub of education, training and special events. The new outreach of Windows 10 to multiple hardware and software platforms has the potential to simplify (but also the possibility to complicate) development across a wide new range of appplications. 

I wish MS well in the new store.  I hope they stock it well and announce and release some new and exciting projects at launch!

Best of all: wouldn't it be terrific to introduce the new store with live demos of the Hololens!

Here's the story from MS


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