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Ray Donovan is a brilliant show.  The season ended tonight with a rather sweet episode, following a terrific and very very dark penultimate show.

The quality of TV drama has become superb.  With a longer form, parsed out over multiple episodes in subsequent weeks, the quality of TV is now an artform that can do more than film can (in one two hour episode -- or even with sequels months or years apart).  Writers like Aaron Sorkin and the writers of Ray Donovan have mastered the art of long-form dramatic writing.

Liev Schreiber
Photo by Eric Roffman

Ray Donovan features complex emotional and dramatic situations, excellent plotting, and the dynamic of the taciturn fixer Liev Schreiber paired with/against the unstoppable force of Jon Voight, aided by additional superb support from the rest of the players.

The series creator, Ann Biderman, was a writer on NYPD Blue, the screenwriter for Smilla's Sense of Snow, and a creator of Southland.

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