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ZAGAT is to my stomach the most accurate guide to the quality of restaurants around the world (except perhaps in France where the Michelin Guide reigns). 

I don't agree with all the ratings (for example, I've always enjoyed THE FIREBIRD in NY more than ZAGAT says I should). It does tend to rate differently in different cities.  A rating of 24 for example in a small city seems to be slightly easier to get than it would be in a big city, but relative to other restaurants in that city, it's still a good guide.  And, mostly, it is extremely accurate. 

I like it enough that I bought an online subscription.

But I just got a notice today that ZAGAT is going free on GOOGLE+.

They are going to refund (pro-rated!?) subscription fees, but YOU HAVE TO ACT QUICKLY!

Here's their letter (my coloring!):

"Today we are excited to tell you about the launch of Google+ Local, a new, simpler way to discover and share great places and local businesses on Google. Zagat, who was acquired by Google back in September, is the fundamental cornerstone of this new Google+ Local initiative. This means that full Zagat ratings and reviews will now be accessible on Google to anyone who has a free Google+ account. You can also continue to access Zagat content on without charge.

"As an active annual premium member we would like to offer you a pro-rated refund for the remaining value of your subscription.

"Alternatively, you can select to receive the Zagat guide of your choice, with free shipping, from our online store. To make your selection please fill out our short form by June 30, 2012. If you do not do so by then you waive all rights to a refund. Should you select to receive a Zagat guide you must redeem the credit at our online store by July 31, 2012."

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