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tonight was -- up through the Weekend Update (WU)  -- one of their best shows, hilarious, brilliantly written and executed, laugh-out-loud funny! With many great tag-lines.

After WU it seemed like almost 45 minutes of ads.  The few skits were at best amusing.

Here's some raw notes:

Obama -- on the cold open -- presented a super-sharp description of the 20 most powerful forces in the US.  Congress came out on top because they do nothing, and by doing nothing prevent anything else from happening.

Steve Buscemi's opening monolog was funny with a gallery of actors playing stock stock-characters, all of whom want to be promoted to lead.

The mockumercial for frozen Mexican dinner as a cure for constipation was  moving. (Why wait 'til tomorrow when you can Ai Yi Yi today? !!!)

The Miley Cyrus Show was so-so, but it did feature Whitney Houston declaring, "I've been clean and sober since 2013".

The Batman SNL Digital Short was amusing and mercifully brief.

DATELINE nicely skewered Dateline. It was wierd in a good way.

The intense zeal with which the Coach was investigated for non-existent sexual predation was a terrific parody, right on the money, funny, and an important reminder of law-enforcement and media misconduct.

The Black Keys sounded good.  It was the best mix on SNL in a long time.  The vocals were clear and not down-volumed to a mushy sound buried in the muisic.

Weekend Update had some great jokes, at least up until Drunk Uncle, who was on point, but not especially funny.

The Promotion Surprise, The Sex Ed advertisement, and Happy Holidays from Sheila and Sheila were not particularly interesting. Nor were a gazillion ads in between these sketches.

If I'd gone to bed at 12:30, I'd've been really blown away by a great, tight show!

Check out the best of these sketches (and other's from episodes past) on the SNL site:

Saturday Night Live -- SNL

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