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Dec 10, 2011

This was one of the mid-level SNL's : A few big laughs. Not too much was hilarious. No really bad sketches. One great sketch: it wasn't very funny, but it was a classic.

Katy Perry seemed to appear in fewer sketches than most hosts.

There were about 13 minutes of commercials in the last 32 minutes of the show. Seems like a lot to me; actually too much.

Here's some quick notes on the show:

The cold open was very good. If Donald Trump keeps putting himself in the news during the campaign it will by Hyuge for comedians. Trouble is, he does nothing new, and the jokes are always the same: He boasts, he repeats himself, he fires people, he says Hyuge... and birth certificate jokes keep coming up. If Trump wants to stay in comedy as well as the news he'll have to give up some new material.

Katy Perry's monolog was flat, but she was hot! in blond hair and a red Christmas ornament dress.

The Michigan State Japanese-show sketch was unfunny and unpleasant.

The commercial for APOCALYPSE was a perfect send-up of both NEW YEAR'S EVE and MELANCHOLIA.

Kalle's interview of Katy Perry was lame, except for the notion that, for everything she says,"We have a clip!".

The SNL Digital Short -- best friends -- was pretty lame also.

And Doggie Duty (songs for dogs on jury duty) was poop.

Robyn was interesting only to watch her shoes. They were Hyuge.

On Weekend Update, for a change, the interview segments were way better than the news jokes. Flirty Girl was hilarious, and Capt Steve Rogers (Alec) commenting on the flighty flight of Alec Baldwin was a nice touch. Stefon kind of left me cold, except for his mentioning that the proceeds of the night at the Club would go to the charity, "Doctors Without Boners."

Katy Perry, as Pippa, telling off the Queen was her best comedic moment.

Al Sharpton was sharp and funny in his political show, but I don't like Nazi jokes. At all.

The highlight of the evening was the bittersweet, classy, classic final sketch, One Magical Night. Katy Perry finds love at the bar as the Jazz band crooner sings, "I ain't got nothin' if I ain't got love."

Check SNL for video clips from this show, and shows gone by:




Alas. (A real life tragedy renders this sketch unfunny and I've removed it from this story.)


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