Sunday, October 02, 2011



Melissa McCarthy is best known for Bridesmaids, but she has an extensive resume of films and TV, and won an EMMY for lead actress in Mike & Molly this year. 

This was not SNL's best show, but it had moments. 

The most inspired was a mockumercial for a doll that gave HPV vaccinations to little girls. 

The Opening Monologue had a stylish dance routine. 

There were several good jokes in the News segment, and Tyler Perry was well done. 

The best and funniest sketch was a parody of a Mae West film on TCM

Overall, Melissa seemed to be feeling her way a bit, except when she was doing physical comedy, when she went all-out and beyond and was hysterical! 

The show ended with a tribute to "terrible love making."

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