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This was (disappointingly) one of the poorer SNL's. While nothing was especially terrible, there was little that was especially funny. I liked the Fetal Quartet during the monolog, some of the jokes on Weekend Update, Fey as Palin - briefly (see the GOP debate below), and the Natural Childbirth sketch. (See below!)

Here are some real time comments (in reverse chronological order -- the first ones are at the bottom).

- Bland, boring, waste of time. One of the poorer shows. "Natural Childbirth" the only sketch with any zing.

- Mother Collection -- WTF???

- Slightly Damaged Prom Wear Barn - Not funny & made no sense.

- Pregnant in Heels on Bravo - The Celebrity in the ultrasound. -- The concept is a joke, but the execution... missing

- Sleepover - Stupid premise. Boring.

- Ads - B & N is promoting current Nook like mad, but a new one is to be announced very soon.

- Natural childbirth - At last... some zenned out energy!

- Weekend Update - Jokes funny; devil not so much; Gaddafi's friends quiet humor; Stefan I just don't get; At all;

- 12:09 and so far it's been especially bland.

- Klondike Bar Ad --- WTF???

- Digital short - OK. So what?

- Mermaid & Crabby - Very lame

- Google Chrome Ad is way sentimental and doesn't make any sense.

- GOP Debate - Fey/Palin is still the winner of any debate.

- Opening Monolog - a fetal quartet

- Opening Monolog - Tina Fey & Maya Rudolph with baby bumps bump babies

- Opening - Kind of lame.

Tina Fey host on SNL w/ Ellie Goulding. Now!

Here's the GOP Debate with Tina Fey briefly as Sarah Palin (or maybe that really is the true, the essential Sarah Palin?)

Here's the Childbirth Class:

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