Tuesday, May 10, 2011



THIS IS THE LIVE (AS OF 11 AM EASTERN MAY 10, 2011) PRESS CONFERENCE FROM MS & SKYPE WITH THE CEO'S OF BOTH COMPANIES: (Note -- Live conference ended at 11:48 AM and is expected to be available for re-viewing shortly after -- move the red cursor to 47:00 for the start of the re-broadcast program!!!) --

Plans are

1- Integrate with all MS products, including Lync, XBOX, Kinect, Hotmail
2- Maintain Skype as an independent division
3- Maintain Skype on non-MS hardware (iOS, Android, ...)
4- New revenue streams, especially advertising & premium services
5- Overseas cash  - Skype is a Luxembourg company -- accounting benefits
6- Skype on PC's, now going to mobile phones, living room (now on 50M TV's)
7- Connect all the platforms together
8- Business & consumer applications
9- Will work hard to develop relationships with carriers.

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