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Thursday, May 05, 2011


Live blogging and streaming today (5/5) TEST: JUSTIN.TV ON iPHONE


I would not call this test of " streaming from an iPhone" a success.

a) The interface was confusing.  It was hard to tell when the phone was recording and when it was not; or how to turn it on or off; or how to pause the recording and continue when something interesting begins to happen again.

b) For some reason that I do not understand yet, the recordings that posted on last only 9 seconds, even though I thought I recorded a whole lot more of the interviews. 

c) Not only did the recordings turn off by themselves, but seem to take a long time to start up.

d) The videos are not sharp. (This is not necessarily the fault of, but may be part of getting to understand iPhone cameras.)

e) ads on the playback are long, intrusive, boring, and unpleasant.


We are going to try love blogging and streaming using from an iPhone today at
the IFF opening.

Well, that last line was sent from an iPhone, and I can see it's not going to be easy.  Yes I love blogging, but of course I meant I would be LIVE blogging.

I'm going to try streaming live through the streaming app for the iPhone.  The live streams (if any) should appear at:

The IFF Red Carpet may include Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, & Stanley Donen, among others. 

Please note (sorry!) that has very annoying commercials at the start of every video.

We'll also try tweeting live from the iPhone.

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