Friday, April 29, 2011



Even the whale seems to have gone down.

There's no access to Twitter now (6:20 PM April 29). Reports are that it went down about 6 AM. That's 12 hours down and counting.

Some reports suggest a Denial of Service attack. Perhaps it was compounded with excessive wedding chatter.

Hopefully it is not related to any kind of security breach, although unlike certain other sites that have been shut down, Twitter probably has little very sensitive financial information about its users (although there is a wealth of data mining info it probably has stored someplace).

NOTE (6:27): Well, it's just about five minutes later and the whale has surfaced. So now it's just (just ???) overcapacity.

NOTE: (6:33): Well, now Twitter's back running again, for me. I can see a hand-full of posts going back an hour. So it probably has been coming back slowly and spottily for a while.

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