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It was a better show than usual.

The writing was especially good: there were no dead spots or terrible sketches; there were some sharp jokes; the skits all had endings. New writer? Tough director? or Producer? Or Elton John's inspiration? Maybe the Unicorn had something to do with it. (Note: Thurber knows: the Unicorn is a mythical beast.)

The two skits most likely to join the archives are the Unicorn in the Old West -- a sweet and well written (though not particularly funny) sketch with Elton John in a tough Western bar -- and Knights of the Realm vs a bloody dragon.

There was a lot of star power guesting tonight. Perhaps they wanted tickets to the Elton John show and had to work for their seats.

Here's some quick notes, last to first, of the sketches on SNL.

- Unicorn in the Old West - "I Killed A Man Today" -- Elton John rides in on a unicorn in the old west. -- "Sorry I was flirtin' with that guy right 'n front of ya."

Note: There were a Huge number of new-movie preview ads tonight. (Target demographic?).

- The Silver Screen - "Born Yesterday ... Is that part of the Bourne trilogy?" (Note: a fourth Bourne may yet be born.) ...Kissing Elton John however seemed to be the main point of the sketch.

- Elton John at the Royal Palace
planning the wedding. "Berlesconi asked if +1 can be two minors."

- Weekend Update - Jake Jillinhall -- I can't spell it; and he said... nothing, really.

- Weekend Update for once had no dead spots.

- Weekend Update
- "I did not bring the snake!" Nick Cage's next film: Sex with the Declaration of Independence

- Elton John did one of the best SNL song sets I've ever heard.

- Idol contestants (doing Elton John covers recently) just could not get the Elton John Magic. Hear it live here for the real thing.

- Tom Hanks on hand to introduce Elton John.

- Tom Hanks proposes Laser Cats in Space musical. Shades of Pinball Wizards... with Spiderman lurking (or flailing) in the background. See below for LASER CATS The Musical.

- Knights of the Realm vs a bloody dragon
. Inspired silliness.

- Next week: Helen Mirren (Just saw her on DVD in fun RED) & Foo Fighters, LIVE.

- ESPN Classic Ladies Shot Put
- "No foreplay today, Hey That's OK. KY Jelly" (KY Jelly product placement? or a parody? or both?) -- Bare hands = paws.

- Monologue
- "I'm Elton John." "My son rejected the breast... like 'is two fathers." Good solid monologue. Elton's a pro!

- "Finger Lakes - It was the middle one." - "Spring is here!" -- & bubbles.

- Live tonight with Elton John -- host & musical guest.
(Note: Skit Names are approximate and Quotes are approximate too... take them with a grain of salt... or two.)

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TFA is rubbish.
THE best spot on SNL 4/2/11 was the Queen and king . and Sir Elton doing the punk rock bit. IMHO.
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