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Anais Demoustier
Shooting Star / Breakthrough Performer at HIFF 2010
In the background: MOMA Curator Rajendra Roy
(He was the Breakthrough Panel Moderator at HIFF)
Photo by Eric Roffman for QPORIT

Coming from Paris, Anais Demoustier was one of the very special Shooting Star/ Breakthrough Performers honored at The Hampton's Film Festival (HIFF 2010) last year.

In person she is charming, sweet, pretty in a very girl-next-door-in-Paris way. In the two films I've seen (SWEET EVIL and LIVING ON LOVE ALONE) she seems to play just that sort of girl -- herself, carefree and friendly -- until you discover that she is NOT!

She has become one of the most sought-after young actresses in France. She has no less than 5 features, 2 TV movies & 2 shorts that came out in 2010 and, so far, 3 more features coming out in 2011.

She was represented at HIFF by SWEET EVIL. In the current Rendez-Vous with French Cinema, she appears in LIVING ON LOVE ALONE - D'AMOUR ET D'EAU FRAICHE

Here's a list of her recent films, with the character she plays and the director:

2011 The Last Winter (post-production) -- Julie -- John Shank
2011 Les pauvres gens (post-production) -- Robert Guédiguian
2011 Sponsoring (post-production) -- Charlotte (also starring Juliette Binoche)
-- Malgorzata Szumowska
2010 Pauline (short) -- Céline Sciamma
2010 Fracture (TV movie) -- Anna Kagan -- Alain Tasma
2010 D'amour et d'eau fraîche -- Julie Bataille -- Isabelle Czajka (at Rendez-Vous with French Cinema)
2010 Elsewhere -- Jeanne, la routarde -- Frédéric Pelle
2010 Belle Épine -- Sonia Cohen (Also starring Lea Seydoux) -- Rebecca Zlotowski
2010 George et Fanchette (TV movie) -- Fanchette -- Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe
2010 Dans la jungle des villes (short) -- Julia -- Stéphane Demoustier
2010 Monsieur l'abbé (short) -- Blandine Lenoir
2010 Sweet Evil -- Celine -- Olivier Coussemacq (at HIFF)

(Note: French use "Sentence Case" structure not "Title Case" structure to format titles.)

Anais Demoustier on IMDB:

Anais Demoustier
Learning to shoot

This film, LIVING ON LOVE ALONE - D'AMOUR ET D'EAU FRAICHE, as just about everyone that saw the film remarked (and the film notes also point out), is a perfect example of Godard's famous remark: All you need to make a film is a girl and a gun.

The film seems like a blissfully simple, detailed description of a young girl's increasingly troubled attempt to succeed in social and business situations in which things just keep going a little bit wrong, and then a little bit wronger.

It could be described as: casual living, casual sex, casual cruelty, casual fun, casual relationships, more casual sex, casual misunderstandings, casual work, casual crime.

The film will be shown at RENDEZ-VOUS WITH FRENCH CINEMA 2011

Wed. March 9, 7:50pm - IFC;
Thurs. March 10, 4pm - WRT;
Sat. March 12, 6:15pm - WRT;

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