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Tom Brokaw was on Letterman describing with unusual clarity and common sense the situation in Egypt and around the world. Basically, he summed up all that has been said on the news (but usually on the news they have different "experts" each telling only one aspect of the story). Brokaw pulled it all together, with both the opportunity -- and the distance the countries have to travel -- to establish a safe, prosperous country with a rule of law, without corruption, etc. And he reviewed the pressures on the other countries in the region.

While Brokaw was discussing China, noting that although China is advancing rapidly, rural China is still far behind us, living in the 18th or even the 17th century, Letterman interjected, "Have you been to Newark?"

Ah, Newarkians, send those letters in!

Letterman announced the Swimsuit Issue Cover Girl. He did so by unveiling the billboard on the street across from his studio. That, of course, happened while the show was taping, many hours before the show was broadcast. So the Internet had reported the model chosen long before the TV audience saw it on the show.

Russian model Irina Shayk is Swimsuit Issue cover girl! She is beautiful! (No surprise there.)

Ten swimsuit models delivered the Top 10. Several excelled in their delivery.

Best top 10 delivery: models Hilary Rhoda #7, Cover model Irina Shayk #6, Alyssa Miller #4 & Anne V #1.

These are the women to watch as possible future actresses as well as super-models!

Sports Illustrated

Letterman Show -- Late Night with David Letterman

Irina Shayk

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