Sunday, December 05, 2010


SNL Who Do I Have To Screw To Get A Drink Around Here?

SNL tonight with Robert DeNiro was a rather dreary evening 'til the end. The Open got in a few good shots at WikiLeaks. DeNiro's Opening Monologue was funny. Most of the skits were lame. Through the night there were too many DeNiro-is-a-good-sport skits. The worst featured DeNiro and a look-exactly-alike for Robin Williams sitting there at an interview doing nothing while the interviewer & friends did mad-stupid musical-dancy numbers. (Couldn't think which SNL regular it was doing a dead-on Robin; I'd of thought it was Robin himself except he looked in such good shape and was so quiet... the real Robin would've out-mad-danced the mad dancers. DeNiro even kept up the act... at the end thanking "Robin Williams". Must've been Robin Williams doing an impression of a quiet, fit Robin Williams.

(It's sometimes hard telling real celebrities from look-similars, especially when they don't say or do anything that evokes their aura... Just this afternoon I walked passed a woman who looked exactly like what Jennifer Aniston would look like if she were not a movie/TV star. Was it Jennifer in disguise as a real civilian? Or a real civilian with the Aniston look?)

But after almost an hour and a half of beginning to question why I was still watching, SNL came up with one of their memorable winners. Joined by (the real) Ben Stiller, in a bar with terrible service, DeNiro answered the question, "Who do I have to screw to get a drink around here?"

Here's the full sketch from SNL (which they politely call, "It's a Living"):'s A Living/1263416

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