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I was really looking forward to THE EVENT. But...

THE EVENT lost all its steam in the first episode. It was interrupted by so many commercials there was no flow... Usually a pilot episode, a premiere, gets a two-hour limited commercial release. This was a one hour commercial sometimes released to show a little limited action.

The action itself was interrupted by weird time shifts. And the time shifts themselves were ambiguous. "The Present." OK. "Ten Day Earlier" OK. "Five Days Earlier" Not OK: Here's the problem: Is that five days earlier than the Present? or five days earlier than ten days earlier (ie 15 days earlier than the Present)?

The time shifts and the way they were edited also gave the show too much of the flavor of FLASH FORWARD. I liked FLASH FORWARD, but: Been there. Done that. (In any case FLASH FORWARD was cancelled, not a good omen for THE EVENT.)

I did like the cast and the acting alot.

THE EVENT seems to be a story about aliens visiting Earth. They have secrets (including how to make a plane disappear in mid-air). There may be two sets of aliens, one pro-Earth, the other anti-Earth. It's a decent premise for a good show (as long as it's not too LOST-like or too similar to other TV shows gone by -- or bye-bye).

Paradoxically, losing a few sponsors might save the show. I hope the second hour will improve on the first.

(Note: Week 2 - Sep 27, 2010 -- Seemed like a bit more action, and a bit less commercial time. Flashbacks still annoying. Some idiocies in the script. Overall a mixed result, but slight improvement over week 1. I'll keep watching for now!)


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