Wednesday, August 25, 2010



I guess there are at least 5 people that believe BP has a constitutional right to spend money advertising, instead of spending that money on a faster, better cleanup and faster, bigger, easier payouts to people their spill has harmed.

I do hope that if there is any error in the sunny, sunny, sunny claims they make in those ads they will be brought to justice for false advertising.

But it is weird that tonight on the six-thirty evening news, when the BP ad started on NBC, I switched to CBS to find the same BP ad on there at the same time, and then when I switched to ABC the same BP ad was on at the same time. The same BP ad on all three networks at exactly the same time. No escape.

I wonder if there is any antitrust issue in the fact that all the major networks seem to have decided to put ads on -- in this case exactly the same ad -- at the same time on all the major stations, preventing consumers from escaping the ads by switching channels. Is it deliberate? collusion?

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