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Featuring the Brit bad-boy himself, in person at all evening screenings
July 30-August 5, 2010

Ken Russell in 1975
Photo by Eric Roffman

Regarded as British cinema's greatest enfant terrible, Ken Russell is also an English national treasure. Russell created an intensely imaginative visual language to tell his stories-employing a style that is as poetic as it is ferocious.

(Note Aug 4: See the exclusive classic (1975) interview with Ken Russell on QPORIT, above.)

In the 1960s and 70s Russell trashed the staid conventions of cinematic good taste, forging a subversive cinema of outrageous excess and mischievous iconoclasm. At a time when the British film industry was all but moribund, this fearlessly controversial and flamboyant writer-director pulled off an unmatched nine-film winning streak, which we present for your delectation.

"The Film Society prides itself on bringing world class filmmakers to our audiences for live, in-depth conversations, so we are thrilled that Ken Russell will join us for every night of this series," says Mara Manus, Executive Director, The Film Society of Lincoln Center.

No stranger to controversy, Russell often focused his work on scandalous portrayals of the lives of other great artists, including Mahler, Liszt, and Tchaikovsky. Russell's film adaptations of literature were no less outrageous; The Devils (adapted from Aldous Huxley's The Devils of Loudun) caused a sensation due to its violence, frank sexuality, and controversial religious imagery and was consequently banned in several countries and heavily edited in others.

Ken Russell is one of those rare artists whose work consistently bridged--and sometimes confounded--the gap between "art cinema" and "commercial cinema," says Richard Peña, Program Director, The Film Society of Lincoln Center. "His works were both extremely personal and accessible to a wide range of international audiences, and this is a terrific opportunity to discover his very special vision of life, love, art and politics."

Join The Film Society of Lincoln Center (FilmLinc) for six personal audiences with the legendary Ken Russell, British Cinema's madcap visionary maverick, in person at all evening screenings.

Special thanks from FilmLinc to Shade Rupe.

Ticket Information:


Single Screening Tickets:
$12 General Public/
$8 Seniors & Students/
$7 Members
Three-Film Pass:
$30 General Public/
$21 Seniors & Students/
$18 Members
Weekday Matinee Screenings,
Mon-Fri before 6pm:
$9 General Public/
$6 Seniors & Students/
$5 Members


Online: visit

In Person:
Walter Reade Theater box office; Hours:
Mon-Fri opens at 12:30pm,
Sat/Sun opens 1/2 hr before first public screening;
closes 15 minutes after last public screening,
at 6pm when there are no public screenings.

For more information:
call 212 875 5601 - or visit

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. All showings are subject to change. Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the management.

All films are screened at:
Walter Reade Theater at The Film Society of Lincoln Center
165 West 65th Street, upper level
(between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave.)
Subways: 1 train to 66th Street Lincoln Center
Buses: M5 M7 M104
More options available at nearby Columbus Circle


The Boy Friend
Ken Russell, 1971, UK/USA; 110m
Twiggy and Glenda Jackson star in a behind-the-scenes Jazz Age backstage musical that alternates between humble homemade theater and lush Busby Berkeley-esque sequences.
Sat Jul 31: 1:00
Sun Aug 1: 8:15
Wed Aug 4: 4:30
Thu Aug 5: 2:00

The Devils
Ken Russell, 1971, UK/USA; 111m
Nuns Gone Wild! Power, corruption and lies in Russell's ultra-controversial, semi-sacreligious take on 17th-century Catholicism. Set design by Derek Jarman.
Fri Jul 30: 7:00
Sat Jul 31: 3:45
Sun Aug 1: 1:15
Thu Aug 5: 4:30

Ken Russell, 1975, UK; 104m
Flamboyantly anachronistic, this riotous, gleefully bawdy portrait of Franz Liszt (Roger Daltrey) and Richard Wagner (Paul Nicholas) tears up the Great Artists biopic rulebook. Featuring Ringo Starr as the Pope.
Tue Aug 3: 3:30
Wed Aug 4: 7:00

Ken Russell, 1974, UK; 115m
The ailing Mahler recalls his fabulous triumphs and crushing defeats in Russell's absorbing transition between his early biographies and later stylized fantasias.
Sun Aug 1: 3:30
Mon Aug 2: 7:00

The Music Lovers
Ken Russell, 1971, UK/USA; 122m
Richard Chamberlain stars as the sexually tormented Tchaikovsky opposite Glenda Jackson as his mad wife in Russell's first big-screen composerama.
Fri Jul 30: 4:30
Sat Jul 31: 6:00

Savage Messiah
Ken Russell, 1972, UK/USA; 99m
In this flashback to Bohemian Paris, modernist sculptor Henri Gaudier finds true union with older lover Sophia Brzeska. With Helen Mirren nude descending a staircase.
Sun Aug 1: 6:00
Mon Aug 2: 2:30

Ken Russell, 1975, UK; 111m
The 35th anniversary of The Who's rock opera, starring Ann-Margret, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Oliver Reed, Tina Turner, and Jack Nicholson.
Thu Aug 5: 7:00

Ken Russell, 1977, UK; 127m
Russell's extravagant homage to the idols of silent Hollywood, starring Rudolf Nureyev as the Latin Lover, is still the source of apocryphal stories about the movies' first superstar.
Mon Aug 2: 4:30

Women in Love
Ken Russell, 1969, UK; 130m
D.H. Lawrence meets his match in Russell's blazing adaptation, with Oliver Reed and Alan Bates wrestling nude and Glenda Jackson winning an Oscar.
Fri Jul 30: 2:00
Sat Jul 31: 8:15


Friday 30
2:00 Women in Love
4:30 The Music Lovers
7:00 The Devils + conversation

Saturday 31
1:00 The Boy Friend
3:45 The Devils
6:00 The Music Lovers
8:15 Women in Love + conversation

Sunday 1
1:15 The Devils
3:30 Mahler
6:00 Savage Messiah
8:15 The Boy Friend + conversation

Monday 2
2:30 Savage Messiah
4:30 Valentino
7:00 Mahler + conversation

Tuesday 3
3:30 Lisztomania

Wednesday 4
4:30 The Boy Friend
7:00 Lisztomania + conversation

Thursday 5
2:00 The Boy Friend
4:30 The Devils
7:00 Tommy + conversation

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