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I've always liked the Firebird restaurant on 47th Street. It's a great place for an after-theater snack with caviar or zakuska (mixed Russian appetizers) and vodka.

Or a full dinner.

Every time I go there -- most recently a few days ago, after seeing Donald Margulies' excellent "Collected Stories" on Broadway (a block away)-- I've left happy.

They have a wide selection of caviar, from the freshest salmon roe at a very reasonable price... to special caviars that will impress any VIC (Very Important Client) or VHD (Very Hot Date) and put a dent in even a hedge fund manager's wallet.

I like their honey vodka. They also have their own ginger infused vodka, and a spicy horseradish infused vodka.

It's a comfortable setting, complemented by excellent service.

Lauren Bacall, Ben Gazzara and Olivia Thirlby in EVE.
A short film by Natalie Portman
On location at the Firebird Restaurant.


Restaurant Website:

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