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, the aptly named Showtime program (new episodes on Sundays), is more edgy, more sexy and more together this year than it has been since the first season.

Last year ("coincidently" just before the season started),
David Duchovny, who plays Hank Moody, was said to enter a program for sex addicts. This year, with true method acting zeal, he seems to be applying whatever experience he had directly to the story.

The program is funny, serious, sexy and well acted in Duchovny's inimitable style.

Inimitable (ie not imitatable) or not, there is a contest now to imitate -- or reinvent -- Duchovny's acting.

It turns out that many of Hank's best lines are actually Haiku.

(Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry... The English version is usually 3 phrases of 5 7 and 5 syllables. For a full description, see the
article on Haiku in Wikipedia.)

For the Hank Haiku contest, go to the
HankHaiku site, watch clips of Duchovny delivering Hank's Haiku lines, then make your own video version of the Haiku and upload it.

Your Haiku video may appear on the website, and more opportunities may follow. See the site for the rules and rewards.

The contest ends Nov 29.

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