Friday, July 24, 2009



Before the Stony Brook Film Festival screening (see stories below), I had a quick dinner at Bliss.

I needed to find a restaurant really quickly, since the traffic had been terrible and it was much later than I wanted it to be. I saw the sign for Bliss, and since I'd seen their ads as a sponsor of the SBFF, I recognized the name. (I'm glad they sponsored the festival: it's not only good for films and for SBFF that they were a sponsor, it turned out to be good for me!)

Great choice! My skirt steak was delicious, the roasted potatoes (they substituted for other potatoes I did not want) were among the best roasted pototes I've ever had. Veggies were very good. The service was excellent and friendly. Noticing I seemed to be a bit in a rush, the waiter was careful to point out the quicker dishes.

All in all, a very good place for a fine dinner before a Festival film, after a visit to Stony Brook University (it's very close, right at the corner of Nichols and 25A), or any other time.

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