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Sunday, June 28, 2009



Showtime has weed & a happy prostitute. Of course there has been a mob family man and a serial killer. Undertakers, vampires, ... There was a family of grifters.

Now we have a male prostitute. All in fun. A bit derivative. Are any other family friendly vices left to harvest for TV?

Hung is a pleasant show.

The main character, Ray Drecker, (
Thomas Jane) is firmly sexualized. (Pun is accidental but appropriate.) Like a prostitute who is portrayed for her physical endowments rather than for her ability to convey the high-end GFE. (Girl friend experience.) (See the Huffington Post on this.)

Drecker is genial. Altogether seemingly too well put-together all the way from head to toe to be the complete disaster of a father/husband/wage-earner/etc the back-story requires. Cast rather in the mold of Mad Men.

His sidekick, Tanya Skagle (great name!), a poetess, played by
Jane Adams (a Tony award winning actress), is rather more interestingly cast, and does a lot to give the show some character.

It's well written, amusing, frequently hinting at (if not delivering more than the usual Cable appropriate) sex, and well acted. It's OK.

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