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Estiatorio is Greek for "restaurant". Nisi means "island" and
Nisi Estiatorio is a very fine restaurant in Englewood NJ.

It's a welcome newcomer, since there are not a lot of very good restaurants in Bergen County. Nisi seems to be one of the best.

The fish entrees were excellent -- delicious in fact. The restaurant specializes in fish, with a large iced display of fresh fish from which you can choose your own dinner.

The spanakopita was very good: The phyllo dough was crisp; the spinach filling was tasty, though the center was not quite as hot as I'd have liked. It was just slightly more than moderately warm, but I'll accept that that was the intended effect. The bread, was excellent. So was the ouzo.

The baklava, strangely, was made of almonds, not walnuts, but was good, and another dessert was also enjoyable. The Greek coffee was better than in most restaurants.

(Some take-out items from the restaurant, on another occasion, were also very good.)

The staff is friendly. The service is neither fast nor slow, with items cooked to order.

The room is attractive, with a major redesign from previous restaurants at the same address. A glassed in wine cellar and waterfall are eye catching. The color scheme is restful.

The walls are hard and the room open and spacious, so it could get a bit noisy if too many patrons have too much good ouzo.

There is also an inviting bar room; and the restaurant has a private party room.

There is valet parking, and street parking is usually available also.

With one shared (fairly large) appetizer, sparkling water, ouzo, two entrees, a dessert, tea and Greek coffee, everything was enjoyable, and the meal plus tip and tax came to about $55 per person. The same meal in Manhattan with the same fine quality, would be at least half again as much.

It was a very nice meal.

NISI Estiatorio
90 Grand Avenue
Englewood, NJ 07631

201 567-4700

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