Tuesday, March 17, 2009



It's the next best thing to a live video feed. (Is there a live video feed?) Engadget has a gadget (that is, they've used their expertise to set up a very efficient technology) that is sending photos and quotes from the Apple iPhone announcement in almost real time.

It's pretty impressive reporting. (By Joshua Topolsky.)

At this point, (second hand live reporting), Apple is announcing improvements to the iPhone developer system which enhances purchasing and ties to iTunes. They've implemented discovery technology (an iPhone discovers suitable nearby iPhones) that allows peer-to-peer conversations (for example for game playing; or perhaps business card & phone number exchange; or medical applications). There's enhanced mapping services. Push. An API for streaming audio & video. An API for "in-game" voice. Improvements in search, cut/copy/paste, calendar and stock apps, and more.

The API's are available to developers now. The upgrade will be available on phones - free - in the summer.


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