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CTI, The Commercial Theater Institute,

is having two programs in the spring that are extraordinarily valuable for anyone interested in theater. I've attended (see the post below) the 3-Day Weekend event and I would strongly recommend it, not only for (current & potential future) producers, but for anyone (writers, directors, lawyers, investors, actors, and...well, anyone) interested in developing projects for the commercial theater. This is far and away the most accessible, interesting, informative, useful event about theater I've ever encountered.

Producing Reading, Workshops, and Showcases: A Practical Approach will have its spring session on March 6th, from 10am – 6pm, at Theatre Row.

Many new topics and speakers have been added since the December program.

The fee for the day is $140 in advance, $175 at the door.

The 28th Annual 3-Day Weekend Producing Conference (May 15th – 17th) is now accepting registrations. The early bird price is $335 by March 27th.

Registration forms for both events are on the CTI website.

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