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Amazon Kindle is a device designed to make electronic reading possible (and hopefully convenient, easy, enjoyable, and perhaps better -- for some, now, for others, eventually -- than reading from dead, smashed down trees). It is thin and lightweight, and uses "electronic paper," which should be easier to read than a computer screen. There are more than two hundred thousand books available now. Newspapers, magazines, and blogs are also available.

Version 1 of the Kindle sold pretty well, and Version 2 of the Kindle begins selling today.

The Kindle loads books wirelessly and automatically in about a minute, with the cost of transmission already included in the book's price (which can be lower than the printed book).

It features text-to-speech, so listening to the book is also an option, which in some cases can be invaluable.

Here's the link for more information (and purchase details too, if you wish):

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the Kindle 2 screen was designed especially well, it's as easy on the eyes as regular paper
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