Wednesday, September 03, 2008



at 69th and Columbus in NY is a great addition to the Lincoln Center neighborhood.

The food is very good or better (trout entree, eggplant "mid course," and innovative fritters for dessert were all excellent), the atmosphere is pleasant, with a comfy space in the back, and a more vibrant - if somewhat noisy - bar area. Decorations are relaxing.

Wines by the glass are not cheap, but my Sancerre ($14) was a perfect compliment to the trout and one of the most enjoyable glasses of wine I've had in a while.

Service was friendly and efficient with just a momentary lapse or two. The Maitre d' was pleasant, helpful and very accommodating.

The restaurant features "New American" food. There's an emphasis on fresh and seasonal foods. The "mid course" and "shares" sections of the menu are a nice innovation. All in all, Telepan (named for it's chef and owner) is neither cheap nor expensive, and probably one of the best values for comfortable, fine dining in the city (especially given that location).

Here's another (very positive) review from New York Magazine.

It's one of the best choices before or after (open 'til 11:30 PM on Fri and Sat) an event at Lincoln Center.


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