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Matthew McConaughey as Ben “Finn” Finnegan and Alexis Dziena as Gemma in Warner Bros. Pictures’ romantic comedy adventure “Fool’s Gold.” Photo by Gene Page.

Fool's Gold is a pleasant slacker of a movie. It's fun. It doesn't try very hard. The action sequences are slightly exciting, but not really very well done. The story is predictable. The romance is more than predictable: it's kind of pre-ordained. Some kissing, some hugging. Fleeting nudity. A few jokes.

(Story: Just divorced couple team up again to find buried treasure.)

So watching this movie is kind of like seeing an old friend again. It's sunny. It's familiar. Nothing to worry about (except for a few scenes of violence that seem out of place). The results are satifying according to the standards of movie-ethics. (Note: Movie-ethics allow "happy-ending" resolutions that would be punishable by long jail terms or worse in the real world.)

The acting is mostly a goof.
Donald Sutherland with a British sort of accent. Matthew McConaughey mostly without a shirt (as a slacker with just three talents: finding treasure, finding sponsors with money to look for treasure, and great sex) . Kate Hudson always with her shirt on. Alexis Dziena as a cheerful, cute bimbo.

Although this film has not won any major awards, it was nominated for "Best Romance Poster!"

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