Sunday, June 22, 2008



Boarding Gate
is an A quality B Movie. The scenario (written and directed by Olivier Assayas) unfolds in an original and unpredictable way, helped along by a plot that is just slightly short of comprehensible.

A few things about the story are clear. Sandra (
Asia Argento) is dealing drugs, is a former prostitute, has had an intense relationship with Miles (Michael Madsen), and is trying to get money for a nightclub in Beijing. After a violent encounter with Miles, Sandra flees to Hong Kong, with the help (?) of her boss and lover (?), Lester (Carl Ng) and his wife (Kelly Lin). The details are somewhat murky.

Argento is a mesmerizing, versatile and fearless actress. Kelly Lin is subtle and sophisticated. Elements of sex, violence, betrayal, gun fights, desire, and greed -- along with mystery, thrills and exotic locations make this an unusual and interesting film.

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