Monday, June 02, 2008



Three notes on bad campaign tactics.

1- I received a call recently from someone purporting to be from the Lautenberg campaign (Lautenberg is running for the Senate in NJ). Whoever called could not answer several simple questions. Then, when I asked if Lautenberg was facing a primary contest, the caller hung up on me. When I called the number from which (*69) said the call had been made, I reached nothing. Either the Lautenberg team is not training their callers properly, or (maybe) it was a "dirty trick" and not a real campaign call at all.

2- The ads against Lautenberg are hypocritical and unpleasant. They cite him for complaining once that someone was too old and complain that saying that was terrible. Their ad then says Lautenberg is too old... (and gives no other reason to vote for his opponent).

3- Last year, before the election, I received far too many pre-recorded phone calls from the governor. Those calls are annoying and off-putting. Maybe a candidate can do it once. Sending the same or similar pre-recorded message more than once is counter-productive and more likely to lose than gain votes. I hope no-one does that again.

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