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According to an article on the
New York Times website at about 3:30, Eliot Spitzer, the Governor of New York and a former prosecutor (notably of vice and Wall Street wrong-doing) was "Linked to Prostitution Ring." (That was the headline.)

I have always found that descriptions of events on TV and newspapers are often at variance with first hand impressions of those events. The NYT gives a copy of the Complaint. So here is
a link to the Complaint to enable reading the original.

Specifically, based on a federal investigation, a "Complaint" describes wiretap conversations which are alleged to be involved with prostitution.

The "clients" of the prostitutes are identified in the Complaint by number. According to CNN and other TV reports "Client - 9" is Spitzer. (I have no other confirmation of this; and, in any case, as a press release from the United States Attorney, Southern District of New York, itself states, the charges contained in the Complaint are merely accusations.)

Spitzer is not named in the Complaint. To see what what "Client - 9" and others in the Complaint are alleged to have done, take the link to the Complaint and search for "Client - 9" in the document (or read the whole thing).

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