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Entertaining Science, the blend of science and entertainment created by Nobel Laureate
Roald Hoffmann, continues at the Cornelia Street Cafe on the first Sunday of each month.

On Sunday Jan 5 at 6:00 PM, this month's show is:

SeaChange:Reversing the Tide, a dramatic lecture devised, written and presented by scientist Roger Payne and his wife, actress Lisa Harrow. SeaChange weaves the knowledge of science and the wisdom of poetry (Shakespeare, Shelley, Robert Frost, Wendell Berry, Gary Snyder, Mary Oliver and others) into a compelling presentation arguing that the human species is not the overseer of life but an integral part of life’s complex web, and that our survival requires that we attend not just to our own well-being, but also to the well-being of that entire web of life.

The Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia Street (NYC)

Cover charge & drink minimum.
Reservations usually necessary.
Come early for a good seat.

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