Saturday, November 10, 2007



We have just started a new (sister/brother) BLOG to focus on theatrical news, reviews, credits, etc.

The Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off-Broadway BLOG!

QPORIT is designed for features; in some cases -- theatrical reviews, and interviews with Broadway stars and directors for example -- stories will overlap.

However, BOBOOBLOG will include lots more detail on theater than we can include here.

In particular, we are hoping that directors, producers, and actors from (ALL! the zillions of) OOB shows (as well as OB and Broadway shows too, of course) will provide us with flyers for ALL! their shows in advance, plus full cast and creative credits when the show goes up. We want BOBOOBLOG to be a theater resource of unmatched power, information and usefulness.

An example of the utility of BOBOOBLOG is that we had a hard time finding a real list of which theaters were dark and which were open during the current stagehands' strike. We tracked it down and posted that list on BOBOOBLOG, along with information about how to obtain refunds. Because of the volume of information, it would have taken hours to post the information here according to our formatting standards, but we were able to put it up in minutes on BOBOOBLOG once we found it:

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