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The 15th annual Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) began Wednesday night with a world premiere of Bob Balaban's Bernard and Doris, a study of the relation between tobaccco heiress Doris Duke and her butler. Made on a shoestring, or less, the film looks as rich as its subject, and features tremendous performances from Ralph Fiennes and, especially, Susan Sarandon as Doris Duke. Following the film, HIFF Founders, guests, filmmakers, premium audience ticket buyers, and people like me (press) crowded into Gurney's Inn for the grand Opening Night Party. Here are a few selected images from the first day and night of HIFF.

The most convenient refeuling station

Ticket holders

Sponsors are very well promoted at every screening

The Party!

Lisa Kudrow and Scott Prendergast from Kabluey

The beach at Gurney's Inn

The statue at Gurney's Inn

Rising stars Hannah Herzsprung (Four Minutes) and Egbert-Jan Weeber (Vivere)

Director Helen Hood Scheer and writer-editor Scott B. Morgan from Jump!

Lora Fox Gamble, Suffolk County Film Commissioner, and
David Gamble, producer...
David is developing an exciting space-centric popular-science program

The owner of Lu Berry Swimwear and model Erika Cifuentes

Publicist Gary Springer, actress Jacqueline Murphy, and
Festival Chairman Stuart Match Suna

Lisa Kudrow and Egbert-Jan Weeber

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