Sunday, June 24, 2007



Excellent singing, interesting story. Lots of great acting, including an Oscar winning performance from
Jennifer Hudson.

I was bored.

Here are some personal notes on

The biggest problem I had was the Jamie Foxx character. From the hints in the plot, he's got to be a charismatic operator. But the part was underwritten, and the performance too low-key. All his showmanship, his salesmanship, and his flagrant criminal activities were offscreen. His love scenes were tepid.

Originally a Broadway show, the film is full of show-stoppers -- extraordinary songs, full of emotion, belted at high volume. Live, they could be spectacular. On screen, they simply stopped the show.

It's the atmospheric, highly musical story of a "fictional" singing group from Motown that makes it big... And the people they leave behind.

I think you've just got to be in the mood to enjoy this one.

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