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I really want to like this show.

It was sort of exciting. There are people to root for. There are people to root against. There is heartbreak when it goes wrong and joy when it goes right.

There were some very good films.

There was one good line. (Something like, "It was a terrible concept, badly executed.")


a) The hostess is terribly irritating. Her script is worse.

b) The format is terrribly derivative. (That's not a spelling error.) Any decent filmmaker knows that if you want respect with a sequel, you've got to work hard to innovate. OTL's a poor imitation of Idol & Apprentice.

c) Oh, and it spawns repetitive criticism, like the use of terribly in every paragraph here. As well as a chorus of similar remarks all over the boards.

d) The "voting" system is suspect and biased. There were all kinds of problems with online voting last night. And clearly the Europeans were at a big disadvantage. Someone who is good at campaigning for votes may do much better than someone who concentrates on making films.

e) The judges are not articulate, or passionate enough about their likes and dislikes. Worse, they have similar opinions. If three people say the same thing, more or less, just one is all you need. Controversy would be electric.

f) The biggest disagreement was between Carrie and herself (about Getta Rhoom). She completely reversed her opinion. The judges should pre-screen the films they are going to comment on, so they have a chance to think about what they are going to say. A movie isn't a live performance, it's a movie. So why not screen it and study it before you say something.

g) The most interesting thing that was supposed to happen was the challenge setup for next week's film. Nothing. The setup is the carryover from this show and the promo for the next show.

So here are my suggestions for the show:

a) Get a new hostess or give her much more rehearsal and direction so she improves.

b) Give the structure a big change, and put more effort into improving the script, so it has a personality distinct from Idol or Apprentice.

c) Strengthen the quality of the judging -- set up more confict between the judges and more detailed and stronger criticism and praise. (Also, when they point out film terms --eg "rack focus" -- explain it with a moment from the film. -- The hostess should be able to do that!)

d) Show more scenes from the making of the movies.

e) Make sure people can vote and that the voting is fair and balanced.

f) Devote a segment at the end of the Results Show to the setup for the next week's filmmaking challenge.

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I think all of your suggestions are excellent. I can't imagine how they had all of Los Angeles and New York to choose from, and these judges and that hostess are the best they could manage? I can't stand listening to them, and they go on and on - all four of them.

I just hope that not everyone gives up on the show. It had so much potential, and the first week was so much better, before Hosty McClapyourhands came on the scene.
i can agree with you completely on all points. the thing that got to me the most was when she did that complete 180 on her opinion. just because 'America' liked it doesn't mean you personally thought it was any less offensive, especially since not two minutes before you said how you loved it you condemned it. It is a bad American Idol clone, but then again now that Idol is off Fox has replaced it with two clones, On The Lot and So You think you can Dance, which is essentially AI with dancing and directing instead of singing.
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