Tuesday, May 22, 2007



In a dispatch from Cannes, AO Scott in The New York Times (Monday, May 21) describes a T-shirt which quotes
Pierre Rissient, a French "Man Of Cinema" (that's the title of a documentary about Rissient being shown in Cannes) --

"It is not enough to like a film. You must like it for the right reasons."

This is advice that would be well applied by those who are going to vote on films in the contest On The Lot!

On The Lot (OTL) opens tonight. (See below for more stories about OTL). The OTL web site, by the way, should begin to see a huge increase in traffic as the show develops. It can be a great place for film networking.

My Own Film OTL:
FRAGILE (Sonnet 65) with Intro:

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