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We visited
Nobu on Mother's Day, the first time I've been there in quite a while. The quality at Nobu, over the years, has varied... between excellent and sensational. This last visit it was terrific. ("Terrific" is nearly the top spot).

We chose dishes off the menu, rather than choosing the omikase (chef's choice). The oysters were spectacular, some Nobu-special sashimi dishes were fantastic, rock shrimp were great. Everything else was at least excellent. The saki was just right. The service was perfect. The atmosphere was very pleasant and comfortable.

Sometimes in the past (particularly before Nobu Next Door and Nobu 57th), it was impossible to get reservations unless you speed-dialed exactly a month before. This time we called for a table at 6 and got one for 7:15. The restaurant was pretty much full or almost full till quite late, but they probably could have managed a few more people during the evening.

There were quite a few families with children. No celebrities there that I recognized...( on past visits Nobu was usually good for name-dropping a couple of big ones... OK... here's a sample... about 10 years ago, when my mother-in-law was leaving the restaurant, Leo DiCaprio helped her down the outside steps.).

It was a thoroughly enjoyable meal, and a perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day.


Is Nobu the restaurant that is owned partly by Robert DeNiro.

That's sweet about Leo helping your mother i n law down the stairs - I've seen him in pictures with photos of his own grandmother, he obviously treats his elders very well.
Yes. Nobu is a partnership of De Niro, Drew Nieporent, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and others. De Niro and Nieporent are also partners in The Tribeca Grill and other restaurants.
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