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The website created for On The Lot, the new Spielberg/Burnett "reality" competition coming to Fox on May 22, provides an opportunity for filmmaker networking, both on the site and at offline meetings -- real people in real places -- organized online.

Join the site and check out the Board posts on New York meet-ups.

In addition to the OTL NY Meetup, there is another venue for networking in NY: Quick Flick World (QFW):

QFW is in a number of cities around the world. They've been off and on in NY. I think right now they are safely back on.

Each month they propose a theme. Films should somehow refer to the theme and be less than 3 min long (legal length sometimes varies). At the end of the month there is a workshop where the films are submitted and discussed. A few days later there is a party where all the films are shown, along with selected films from all around the world from the previous month's theme. Selected films are posted on the site.

Workshop and party locations and film specs sometimes change without notice, so always confirm everything directly with the New York Producers and Curators:

It can be a great party, great networking, great films.

This month's theme is KISS (with optional technical parameter FISHEYE) which sounds like a fun project.

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My film on Quick Flick World:


My film OTL (which was shown at QFW):

FRAGILE (Sonnet 65) with Intro:

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